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Marking a New Era


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+over 45 Million
Spotify Streams

+over 25 Million
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+over 58 Million
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Zauntee's Bio

Meeting hip hop artist Zauntee is like running the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (also known as The Rocky Steps). His frenetic, stream of consciousness energy draws you in, as motivating as it is inspirational. According to Zauntee, making high art for the Most High is what drives him, and his drive shows no signs of slowing down.


Zauntee’s new album, We Already Won, is in part a follow-up to his runaway hit “Hard Work God First.” After releasing a collection of demos to his fanbase, “Hard Work God First” quickly rose to the top and kept going. Before he knew it, Zauntee had the Top 20 trending song in the world on Instagram, went viral on TikTok and hit millions of views on both platforms. People across the globe posted it as the soundtrack of the moment. Zauntee invested that momentum into We Already Won, an album stacked with empowering lyrics for go-getters and dreamers. Each track explodes with Zauntee’s motivational fuel all set to organic sounds and beats that energize. “For me, this album is anthems to grind to,” Zauntee says, “the soundtrack to success, for people with a dream who will go out and get it.”


A Tampa, Florida native, Zauntee grew up submerged in music. Producing, creating, and writing, music was part of his DNA from the young age of ten. The oldest of seven and son to hardworking parents, Zauntee credits his family as his heroes. “They’re my why,” he says, “why I do what I do.” He was still in high school when he decided to devote his life to making music for God. “Once I made the decision I was gonna represent what I believed, people who wanted to find God but didn't fit into conventional "religion" would come to me and ask for prayer or ask how to find God. I realized I could make music that would reach this audience and bring a message that points them to the solution. My prayer was, God, if this is meant to work, I pray it would work. Immediately things started to gain traction. In 2017 I graduated high school and have been doing it ever since.”


Sonically, We Already Won is equal parts smooth and powerful – music to pump you up and carry you through. “If I had to sum it up in a word, it’s triumphant,” Zauntee says. “It’s taking you somewhere. There’s a hunger to these songs. It’s intense, but a hopeful intense.”


Hopeful intense describes Zauntee’s entire persona. He makes no attempt to contain his passion for God, music, and people. His focused intensity could come off as intimidating if not for his genuine compassion for people. “I’ve always had a heart to find the weird kid, the left-out kid, and that kid who believes they can make it when no one else does.” he says. “That was me, so I want my music to be a place for them to belong. At my shows, it’s not fans, it’s community.”


With We Already Won, Zauntee has torn the pages from the journal of his every day. Relatable on a granular level, Zauntee pushes his listeners to live with purpose and on purpose. “You have stories only you can tell and gifts only you can give,” he says. “Your survival is proof to someone else they can make it.”


While relevant and accessible to culture, Zauntee’s music, Zauntee himself, is ultimately about hope. “This album is the music I’ve been waiting for. I’m talking about everything I’ve been through, all the dreams I’ve had, and how I’m watching them fall into place. I’m living proof that

God can use anybody, we just gotta lock in and keep showing up and let Him take care of the rest. I make music for the underdogs who know they can be champions, for everyone who sees the vision before anyone understands. I know we gon’ make it. I know how this ends. I checked the scoreboard, and guess what? We Already Won.”

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